Advice On Visiting Barcelona

If you are thinking about visiting Barcelona your plans will probably involve partying, enjoying the good weather, the beach and the architecture among other.

I love that Spain is related to this laid back/enjoy life vibe and it's true that people here are like that but it doesn't mean that we are reckless and careless and you shouldn't be either. This takes me to the first and most important point:


You might think it's obvious and it applies to every journey and everything in life, actually, but, from what I've seen, tourists in Spain are less respectful than in other places and just because we are not the meanest and most punishing people doesn't mean we don't deserve as much respect as everybody else. If you approach us you should try to use Spanish or Catalan and if you are not familiar with them, English is the international communication language. I will never understand those who don't adjust, if you don't even make an effort I will give you the wrong directions and, yes, some of us do that but if you are willing to ask someone you shouldn't throw a skeptical look afterwards. You can always use maps (also gps apps without internet connection) and, if not, be kind.

Way Of Life

Is something you should research and understand a bit before coming. We work for a living, we don't live to work. You've probably heard it and it's true, we believe in enjoying life rather than in making money 24/7, which is why we are laid back and not punishing and which also means you have to come here with your best smile and manners and knowing that being a tourist who's spending money isn't impressing us. In order to fit, you have to show that you are a human being and be grateful.


There are many pickpocketers around the city, also thieves usually on motorcycles who will pull your bags. All you can do about it is be careful, close your bags and get out of the way when you hear a motorcycle. And always keep in mind that Barcelona is dangerous and that many people will want to take advantage of you.

Keep To Schedule

While the shops and restaurants near the most tourist places remain open non-stop and offer food at the usual european times, lunch time in Spain is around 14h and dinner around 21h, we have a meal in-between, merienda, which is pretty important in a social way. Staying at a table talking after finishing eating has a name, sobremesa, and its one of those words that only exist in one language. Being done eating doesn't mean leaving, so don't rush the people talking while seating at a table.
It gets hotter from 14h to 16h, mainly in the summer and it gets difficult to be outside, this leads to this unusual timetable. Naps have nothing to do with laziness, it's all about the weather.

This is it for now. I will keep on editing if I remember something else and I wish you the best in Barcelona.

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